Landscaping after the 2011 Mouse River Flood is where my interest in rocks and minerals began.  As many beautifully colored mineral rocks were pulled from the yard I began tumbling and polishing with the idea of transforming them into more than just a beautiful rock.  From wiring wrapping in the beginning to wire weaving the creations began to take shape into beautiful pendants.  Together as a family we set out searching for more unique and interesting minerals traveling to our farm in southwestern North Dakota for petrified wood and agate to South Dakota for a variety of quartz, and even  Alaska for jade, jasper and more.  Each and every piece is unique which makes each hand picked mineral and design so intriguing.  The unique minerals also lead to other creations including petrified wood crosses and even drawer pulls.  I look forward to sharing my artistic designs that embodies the beauty that nature creates.

Shaun Sipma
Marketing Director

Keri Sipma